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The Airplane
This is George's aircraft #1. It was powered by a Olds aluminum engine. The design has changed since then to incorporate new engine and larger fuselage.
This is George's number 2 aircraft. It is uses a Rodeck aluminum V8 engine and George's proprietary accessory gear drive and propeller speed reduction drive units.
This is George's #3 airplane. It is essentially the same as the #2 airplane with an LS-1 aluminum V8 engine.
This is an original informational flier about the plane.
Front -- Back
A picture with George and airplane #3 during one of our meeting with George in summer 2005.
The prowler from the front.  Notice the Spitfire type wing root radiators, retractable gear and the 3 bladed constant speed propeller. It's a beautiful aircraft!
Dave and Todd trying on the Prowler.
Here is the #3 Prowler's powerplant.  It incorporates an LS-1 aluminum block, aluminum heads, and a composite intake.  George has designed some outstanding modifications to adapt the engine for aircraft use.  Here you see the Propeller Speed Reduction Unit (PSRU) that is specifically designed for this engine.

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