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The Company
Prowler Aviation (legally known as ALPHAmax Aircraft, LLC) is a partnership formed to:
  • Secure the rights to Prowler Aviation, Inc. including all associated assets and intellectual property;
  • Learning the Prowler Jaguar aircraft building process, and;
  • Bring the Prowler Jaguar kit airplane back into production.

ALPHAmax Aircraft is currently in the process of inventorying and organizing all of the assets and property of Prowler Aviation.

We do not currently have a set timeline to get the airplane back into production, but we'll keep you updated as to our progress--check out our progress here

The Guys
Todd is a former Wisconsin native that is now living in northern California with his wife and 3 daughters.  He graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and then worked for 7+ years in the U.S. Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer. He has now been employed in the airline industry for the past 12+ years. For the return of the Prowler Jaguar, Todd will be producing our first airplane kit(s) while simultaneously focusing on the business plan and kit production plans. Dave is also a former Wisconsin native who is currently living in Florida with his wife and their two golden retrievers. Dave has also been employed in the aviation/airline industry for the past 12+ years.  To bring the Prowler Jaguar back, Dave will actually be assembling our first kit and simultaneously focusing on the assembly manual, marketing, and website plans.

Watch our progress on the Prowler Blog: see the process of rebuilding the kit Jaguar aircraft